Career Opportunities in the Media World

Entering in to a Career in the Media World is challenging but very exciting.

Media channels can include radio, cinema, press, television, outdoor spaces, mail, the web and mobile communications.

There are literally hundreds of Job roles in all these media channels ranging from Researcher, Media planner, Media designer, TV/Film producer, Technician, Editor, DJ, Journalist, Camera operator, Stylist to name but a few.

If a Career in the Media Industry is something that interests you, be aware, it is very competitive. It is known to be an exciting way to earn a living, particularly if you are in Television/Film and Radio.

You should get the opportunity at school or in further education to complete a GCSE in Media Studies which would be a good start. There are many diplomas available, in particular, Creative and Media. You can then go on to complete a degree course in, Media productions, Graphic arts, Presenter, Sales executive, Multimedia, Filmaking, Photographic technology and so on.

You could always start your search for employment by contacting your local radio station. If you are lucky enough to get an interview ensure you do your research. Visit their website, learn their schedule, listen as much as possible before your interview. That way, you’ll have a good knowledge of what they do, and how they operate. By sounding knowledgeable and confident about what your station does, you’ll be more likely to get the job. Some stations offer work experience to students/graduates.

Radio presenting is another exciting Job role, these vacancies occur very infrequently. When they do, only people with a fair amount of broadcasting experience will normally be considered. If you want to become a radio presenter, you’re best starting at a smaller local commercial radio station or hospital radio station to gain valuable experience. You could always volunteer your services in the hope of getting some paid employment.

Journalism can be an exciting role and it may be possible to get some experience working for your local newspaper. You need good writing skills and good interpersonal skills as you will be knocking on doors and need to be confident and tactful when interviewing people. A news editor will give you a story to work on, then you and a cameraman will cover the story, write a script which will then be edited by the editor. There are many junior roles available in most free and local newspapers/magazines which will give you the training you need.

These roles and many others are available on the Internet through specialist Job boards and Jobsites.

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